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Richard Neiss provides high quality piano tuning, repair, and sales services to Sonoma County.

Richard guarantees to give your piano the loving care it deserves, and will give you the personal service, integrity, and attention to detail that you expect. Richard not only tunes pianos but plays them as well, performing around Sonoma County and the Bay Area!

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Piano tuning is the act of making minute adjustments to the tensions of the strings of a piano to properly align the intervals between their tones so that the instrument is in tune.

A piano also periodically requires a service called voicing. Because the tone changes as the felt hammers wear, periodic voicing of the hammers is necessary so that your piano will have an even, full tone throughout the entire scale, and produce the widest possible dynamic range. A piano which has gone a long time without tuning may require extra work in pitch raising.

The three components of musical performance that need to be adjusted periodically are pitch, tone, and touch. Tone is maintained by voicing, and touch by servicing the piano action, called regulation. Piano tuning is the adjustment of the tuning pins so that all the strings are of the proper tension (pitch), to have the correct sounding, musical intervals.

The maintenance of the inner working of the piano and regulation should be left to a qualified piano technician to ensure your investment.

Sales and Piano Brokering

As a service to our customers, Richard Neiss Piano Tuning sells high-quality piano replacement parts and accessories. Here's a sample of what we offer: Have a piano to sell? Need a piano? We leverage our long-standing relationships in the community to connect piano buyers and sellers. Let us assist you in your next piano transaction!

Piano Repair and Care

Most manufacturers recommend servicing at least two to four times a year to keep the piano sounding good and working properly each time you sit down to play. This is especially important the first year of your piano's life.

Do not perform repairs yourself. Though a problem may appear easy to solve (such as replacing a loose key ivory), a qualified technician will have the proper tools and parts to make repairs quickly and correctly. It's important to remember that unsuccessful amateur repairs are usually much more expensive to fix than the initial problem and may decrease the value of your instrument.

An out-of-tune piano or an unresponsive touch can discourage even novice musicians. Regular maintenance also can prevent expensive repair in the future.


Richard Neiss Piano Services

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