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707-996-3134 Glen Ellen, CA


Richard did a fine job tuning my Steinway! A real pleasure to go through some of my pieces today and enjoy the improvement.

Jessica B


Richard has become a key person for Lucky Penny Productions. He not only keeps our pianos tuned, but repairs things when needed. He always makes time for us, does a thorough job, and asks a very reasonable fee. I never think of calling anyone else. 

Barry Martin
Managing Director, Lucky Penny Productions


I have used Richard Neiss to tune and repair my pianos at home, at work, and at my live performances for the last 20 years. He always does a great job. He is careful, smart, easy going, and timely.  

Sheila Whitney
Performer, teacher, choir director


Richard has been tuning and servicing pianos at Vintage House for more than 10 years.   His work is professional and efficient and he always does his best to accommodate our busy schedule.  I would highly recommend him for your piano needs and he is a great musician!
Linda Gavron
Operations Manager Vintage House


Richard thoroughly understands all the intricacies of pianos. He is much more than a “tuner” or a “technician”. He goes the extra mile to make sure your instrument is at its peak performance and is always thinking about factors that can influence a piano’s sound.

Reid Stinnett


I have recommended Richard Neiss to all my piano students since I met him, 25 years ago. He tunes my piano regularly, and has done extensive work on it when it needed it. I have always found him trustworthy and pleasant to work with.  I know he truly loves pianos, and is fair and respectful with his clients.

Lenore Lohnes

Richard Neiss Piano Services

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